Pastel Vibe | Pale lilac T-shirt & White jeans

After Labor day, I feel like summer is over for many. However, it’s still pretty warm where I am. Everyone in my life (and online it seems!) loves Fall. I gotta admit, I am more of a Spring-Summer kinda girl than a Fall-Winter one. I wonder if it is because the heat reminds me of home. Where I am originally from — south of Vietnam, it is hot year round.

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White & Blue | Flare Pleated Sleeve Button Down Shirt & Velvet Ankle Boots

These quarantine times are weird. I pretty much roll out of bed and roll to my desk :). Some days I would take walks around the neighborhood to avoid the cabin fever. Do I go out in leggings or in more dressed clothes?

Truth be told, during these social distancing times, I go out more in leggings and sweatshirt for a quick walk or running. But putting an outfit together could be exciting and separates the stay-at-home from outside-the-home time, giving variation to the routine.

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Red Ditsy Floral Print Top | Light Wash Jeans

I always find ditsy tops cute but somehow never really found one that works for my body frame. Either the floral pattern would be overwhelming, or the fit is awkward — they tend to not flow on me as effortlessly as I typically see on others. I was actually shopping for an outfit for a friend’s summer wedding when this gorgeous red top pulled my eyes in.

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Top:   H&M (old) (similar here— love this shade of blue with the collar detail!)
Bottom:   H&M jeans

(I have multiple colors of this pair of jeans! So comfy and affordable at $19.99 and H&M often has online promotions)

I was thinking about what my introductory blog post should be. As I scrolled through my photos, this photo suddenly resurfaced. It was 7am as I was leaving the hotel to go see the Acropolis in Athens, one of the wonders of the Ancient World. I was very excited!

Just like the way I felt that early morning, I feel the same excitement to start journaling about all my favorite things, including (of course) shoes!






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