How to style distressed T-shirts

Outside of work and occasions, I am a fan of casual, easy-to-wear styles — as seen by my many posts of casual outfits (example, here | here | here) on my blog and also by quick snaps of OOTD on my Instagram. However, I used to not be the biggest fan of distressed T-shirts.

Recently, I saw a T-shirt in one of my most favorite colors, pastel purple, or lavender/lilac on Forever 21. The color alone almost sold me. Because you are reading this post, this obviously means I went ahead and bought it. Besides the color, the price point was good enough to warrant a low risk purchase. Plus it would be a fun challenge to see if I can incorporate it into my wardrobe.

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White & Blue | Flare Pleated Sleeve Button Down Shirt & Velvet Ankle Boots

These quarantine times are weird. I pretty much roll out of bed and roll to my desk :). Some days I would take walks around the neighborhood to avoid the cabin fever. Do I go out in leggings or in more dressed clothes?

Truth be told, during these social distancing times, I go out more in leggings and sweatshirt for a quick walk or running. But putting an outfit together could be exciting and separates the stay-at-home from outside-the-home time, giving variation to the routine.

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