Casual for the cold days | Pink coat & the warmest leggings

It took me a hot minute (more than a minute in all honesty) to sit down and write this post. I have been absent from blogging for some time. It was on my mind the whole time but I could not find the time or the energy after all the commitments I had and from constantly getting sick (colds, anyone?) this winter.

Coat:   Zara (similar here | here | here | here)
Sweatshirt:   Shein (similar and so cute here | here | here)
Leggings:   Target and Amazon (here)
Bag:   Forever 21 (very similar here | affordable here | here | yellow! here)
Shoes:   Adidas (here)

The weather has been so unpredictable this whole winter, super cold/ freezing rain days mixed in with random sunny days or four seasons in one day. And why do we even have snow at the end of March and 40-50s days way into April? Because of this unpredictability, staying warm and comfortable (and being prepared for a sudden weather change!) are a slightly higher priority for me. As much as I like to dress up, winter and me do not get along. Sorry to any winter fans out there.

So I turn to my *trusty* velvet lined leggings (here).

It is literally lined with velvet (or fur in my mind).

It is toasty and comfortable. I can just wear this in 40s weather, which says a lot because I start feeling cold with anything under 60s. For someone who is more used to the cold, this would be probably enough even at lower temperature. This allows me to be warm and at the same time, not bulky. Layering is necessary in the winter. However, sometimes all those layers can be heavy and a lot for a petite frame like mine! This can be easily paired with work pants and dresses [and some socks that cover the ankle part for a seamless look].

The velvet lining really helps to keep the cold at bay. Plus it feels like velvet on your skin (stating the obvious :).

This whole season I just throw on sweatshirts when going casual. I like ones with soft fleece lining inside (can you see a theme haha) and that are thicker than the summer ones. I got this at Shein for less than $15 and they have plenty similar to this and so cute (here | here | here)

If you ever notice when walking on the street, the main colors in the winter are very dark, mostly blacks and greys. Scientifically, darker colors absorb more radiation, heat up faster, and stay warmer longer. But I like having some brighter color to perk up my mood haha so it would be either one of the clothing pieces, accessories, or makeup. Here I had on a dusty pink coat from Zara (similar here) paired with a messenger backpack.

Asos carries some coats that have simple cuts and pretty soft dusty pink colors (here | here | here). This backpack can be worn 2 ways, either as a mini backpack or a messenger bag. I love these types of handbags: cute, functional, and practical (very similar here | affordable here | here). This neon yellow here does not have a strap option for messenger but I love the color so much. I can put my hands in my pockets instead of carrying a large handbag in the cold. When I need more space, I still go for handbags with shoulder straps like this one in which I have two colors!

The last thing on my casual comfort list is sock sneakers. The name says it all. The bodice of these sneakers is basically constructed like a sock. I love this one from Adidas (here) the past year and currently eyeing some more. Honestly I can wear them year round.

Life is still so busy but I hope as the spring and summer approach, I can catch you guys more often <3.


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